Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Today, a comment I left on Don Park's blog got quoted by David Berlind.

Here's what I said :
Here's the amazing thing : there are about 8 billion pages accessable through the browser. And not one of them is that difficult to get to. (Assuming you find links going there.)….How many OSs and desktop applications have 8 billion options and functions? Yet, access to these is through a bewildering variety of different methods : menus and submenus, button-bars, wizards, right-click on the icon to change configuration options, hidden XML configuration files, command line arguments.

But then David says something very right :
Given the way wikis make child's play out of Web authoring (and the emergence of applications like WikiCalc), instead of a desktop operating system, how about a Wiki Operating System. Call it WikiOS (WOS for short).

This is, of course, something I've thought for a long time. And it's one of the guiding principles behind SdiDesk, hinted at several times in the screencasts.
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