Thursday, January 26, 2006

Latest news copied from the ShowStoppers page

I'm still thinking, more and more seriously, about rewriting at least the wiki-to-html engine in Python.

I'm also seriously thinking that the next release will actually be a complementary "web-server" edition, which allows you to edit pages via a browser (over the web) rather than through the VB program.

Right now I have a simple webserver application which let's you access the SdiDesk pagestore via the browser over HTTP.

Of course, this raises questions about security which will have to be answered before release. Will there have to be a login? Can you mark some pages as personal and private, while others are public, etc?

If I go 'browser only' I'll initially lose the network diagrams. (Would anyone miss them?) Although it may be possible to put them back for the more recent Firefox using SVG / Canvas tags.

None of this is ready yet. But it is looking promising. And the main reason is that the new code is in Python which will allow me to work on a proper Python based rendering engine. (Where I should fix all those bugs.)

If the Python rendering engine works out, I'll then try to retrofit it behind the current VB front-end.

Thoughts anyone?
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